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QR Code Payments

Facilitate end-to-end mobile payments
Proven software processing millions of QR code payments per month and built to scale

A pioneer in QR code payments


Launched QR code payments in 2016


Static and dynamic


Merchant and consumer present modes

All that’s needed is a mobile phone

To pay at POS

To pay at POS

To pay utility bills

To pay utility bills

To pay online

To pay online

Matera's QR code payment software is the most advanced on the market

  • arrow pointing to text Architected for speed, scale, and batch
  • arrow pointing to text Data included in QR code is customizable
  • arrow pointing to text Auto-calculates fees and fines
  • arrow pointing to text Generates both static and dynamic QR codes
  • arrow pointing to text QR Codes for payment due immediately or in the future

100% mobile payment experience


QR Code Payments:

An Offensive Strategy for Instant Payments

Why QR code payments?

  • Easy reconciliation
  • Lower processing costs
  • Account acquisition